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SWEATT App - 1:1 Custom Coaching Program

SWEATT App - 1:1 Custom Coaching Program


SWEAT APP - 1:1 Coaching Program


Start reaching your fitness goals today with a training plan and program made specifically for you. This online coaching option is for those who want a customized approach with complete access to Sierra 24/7 for advice and coaching.


I will tailor the workouts to your specific skill level, body type, and goals in mind. I will also give you custom nutrition advice including a macronutrient distribution and calorie count to follow if you're interested and I deem it neccesary for you to track your food intake. I will also check in on your personally on a weekly basis through text or call, whatever you prefer.

I'll check your activity in the app and hold you accountable by texting you if I see that you haven't been following the program we create together. This is the truest, deepest form of 1:1 coaching that I offer online and I guarauntee that if you follow the program, you will see results.


All of Sierra's Online Coaching Programs Include:

  • Access to the SWEATT app and Accountability Group

  • Weekly Personal Check-ins with Sierra

  • Full Monthly Training Program Including Cardio with Video Instruction

  • Macronutrient Calculation and Meal Guidance

  • 24/7 Online Coaching and Support through In-App Messaging


Thanks for sweating with me, now let's get you those results!


*My 1:1 program is $198 a month and includes everything discussed above. There is no refunds once purchase is finalized, but you may cancel the program at any time.

Price Options
$198.00every month until canceled
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