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Ten Ideas for At-Home Fun

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

The current COVID-19 pandemic has sent us all into self-quarantine. Events are put on pause, work is done from home, children are out of school, gyms are closed, grocery stores emptied, and it’s as if the only thing on TV is the news.

In times like these, boredom sets in and worrying shortly follows. Instead of letting yourself sit at home and stress, here are 10 fun things that you can do right now at home to keep yourself productive and positive:

1. Arts and Crafts: Why not get creative? Drawing and painting can be very soothing and I’m sure you have some supplies lying around the house that you can use. Not very artistic? There are plenty of online tutorials and templates to guide you. This is also a great activity to do with kids.

2. Host a Picnic: Whether you do it in the living room or in your backyard, a picnic can be a fun way to get the family moving and enjoying the day as well as eat some healthy, yummy snacks.

3. Read a Book: If you're anything like me there are 4 or 5 unread books on your shelf that you’ve been dying to pick up. Now is your chance. Don’t have any new ones to read? Try ebooks for endless options.

4. Game Night: Put that box full of old board games that you haven't looked at in years to good use. Remember how fun beating your sister at Monopoly was? Have a family game night at home and rekindle that competitive spirit.

5. Movie Marathon: Netflix and quarantine? Find a new show or maybe watch a documentary and learn something new. Rewatch the old classics or academy award winners from past decades. Just don’t forget to get up every so often and move too!

6. Try a New Recipe: What a perfect time to try your hand at a new recipe. Get in the kitchen and make it fun for the whole family.

7. Take a Walk: Quarantining doesn't mean you can’t get outside. Go for a short walk in the neighborhood and feel the sun on your face. It’ll get you and the whole family active, plus the vitamin D boost is good for your immune system.

8. Exercise: Get to work on that summer bod. Chances are you have more time now to sweat, so put it to good use. The endorphins will help you feel better and relieve stress as well. Need some guidance? Click here for sign up for my monthly coaching program with awesome workouts you can do at home for less than you monthly Starbucks budget.

9. Spa Night: A spa night is a great way to relax at home. Take a bubble bath with a glass of red wine, pamper your skin with a nice face mask, give yourself a home mani-pedi. Have some me-time or get your partner or family involved for a fun and relaxing evening.

10. Become a Yogi: Work on your flexibility, balance, and mental fortitude with an online yoga practice. There are plenty of guided meditations, yoga lessons, and videos online to help you learn. With a little time you’ll be a genuine yogi!

Positivity is a powerful force, and keeping a healthy mindset is becoming increasingly important. But it’s impossible to stay positive if you’re just sitting at home stress-snacking while you watch the news.

Instead, get active and try something new. Do some self-reflection. Use this time for something positive and good things will come out of it.

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