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Reinvent Your Diet with 5 Simple Tips

I think the thing I get asked about most when it comes to health and fitness is food. Most people are unsuccessful when it comes to changing their diet for the better. And the ones who are "successful" in losing weight may gain it all back if they aren't careful about properly reverse dieting afterwards. Nutrition is arguably the hardest thing to master when it comes to achieving your fitness goals, but it doesn't have to be.

Follow these general tips to make sure you're set for success in the gym and the kitchen.

1. Stick To The Outer Isles

When it comes to groceries, you want the freshest, least-processed foods which usually lie around the perimeter of the grocery store. Eighty percent of your weekly groceries should be found there. Shop the outer isles first, stocking up on lean meats, produce, and some dairy or frozen products and then make your way in for the finishing touches like beans, protein pastas, condiments, and more.

2. Drink Responsibly

Meet water. Water is your new best friend, so make sure you always have it with you. Drinking plenty of water will improve digestion, clear your skin, lubricate the joints, and hydrate your muscles for faster recovery. Water also has zero calories. Drinking more water will help you avoid sugary drinks like soda and juice that add unnecessary calories. If you want something a little more exciting, try adding lemon/lime to your water or get some sparkling water instead.

3. Protein

Protein is necessary for muscle synthesis. It also takes more effort to digest, speeding up the metabolism and helping you stay fuller for longer. And if you aren't already convinced, protein is utilized differently by the body then carbs and fats. Protein itself as a macronutrient can not get stored as fat because it is metabolized through a different process. You can eat a lot of protein each day without gaining a pound, but you'll find that it's not easy to overeat because it fills you up so quickly.

4. Down the Hatch

With today's food quality, even if you ate all the recommended servings of fruits and veggies every day, you probably still wouldn't be getting all of the micronutrients and vitamins that your body needs. To top it all off, years of processed foods and toxins leave your gut health in a poor state, compromising your digestion and metabolism. That's why a good, plant-based multivitamin and reputable probiotic are essential for optimal health and wellness. My multivitamin is actually from Trader Joes. It's formulated for women, made from real fruits and vegetables, and it seems to do the trick for a pretty awesome low price. As far as pre and probiotics, I have taken Biohm for years and I love it. Without it, I feel twice as bloated after a bit-too-big meal or at the end of the day. If you'd like to try it yourself, use my code SweatwithSierra for 10% off.


Keep it simple stupid! No need to jump on the latest craze, buy 10 boxes of gogi berries, or overcomplicate meals. Just make the best possible choices for you and your goals while fueling your body with nutritious, wholesome fuel.

Want some more help? Check out my Nutrition Guide ebook or contact me for one on one coaching.

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