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How to Choose Supplements

The other day I realized I've never done a permanent post about choosing supplements! There is a lot to think about when you're deciding what goes into your body, and supplements are no different.

In fact, unlike food, supplements don't need to be FDA approved in order to be sold. And although it is getting better, supplements still don't really have much regulation at all. That's why it's so important to know what to look for and choose supplements that will help, not harm you.

1. Third Party Tested or FDA Approved

I already touched on this in the intro, but basically because supplements don't need much regulation in order to hit the shelves, it's important that you do your research and determine if a supplement has been tested by an unbiased third party and or approved by the FDA. This will give you the best bet that the supplement is actually what the company claims it is and does what they claim it will do.

2. Natural / Plant-Derived Ingredients

Make sure all the ingredients of your supplements come from natural/plant-derived sources. Usually companies will advertise this on the label but you can also check the ingredients yourself. This is important because if the ingredients are synthesized in a lab as opposed to all natural, there's more risk that they could be harmful to the body.

3. Colors/Preservatives/Sugar

Going along with number two, check the ingredients for artificial colors, preservatives, and or added sugar. This isn't necessarily a make or break, just something to be aware of.

Now that we've gone over the principles of how to choose supplements, I want to share some of my top choices. When it comes to which supplements are necessary, I believe in a less is more approach. No need to spend tons of money on fat-burners or various powders, just a few basic supplements should meet all your needs and put you in a better position for optimal health and fitness.

After all, supplements are just that - supplemental. They're meant to enhance the effort you're already putting in, they're not magic.

That being said - if I had to pick 4 supplements that I can pretty much recommend for every woman, I would choose a protein powder (I like grass-fed whey or collagen), a women's multivitamin, fish oil, and a good probiotic.

If you have any questions about supplements, specific or not, feel free to reach out I'd be happy to help!

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