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Amazon Prime Day Deals

It's been too long since I've done a blog post, but with Amazon Prime Day here I figured it'd be nice to have all of my deal picks in one spot!

Whether you're looking for home deals or something for your gym, there are some great sales this year so you're sure to get what you need. I've organized all my top picks below, but if there's anything else you're looking for let me know.

Happy Shopping!



Weights are finally back in stock on Amazon and some are only $1 / pound, which is a killer deal! And I added some other home gym necessities to help you guys out as well.


In recent years Amazon has become known for cheap fashion steals and Prime Day is no exception. I found some really great stuff for a fraction of it's normal cost. Some of my cult favorite beauty products are also on sale, so check them out!


Another category that I love on Amazon is Home decor. I just purchase the bar cart on this list and some goodies for my home bar and I can't wait to set them all up this week!

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