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8 Ways to Jumpstart Your Motivation

Motivation fades over time. It's a natural phenomena that all of us experience. When you first have a goal, your energy and motivation to succeed are at an all time high! But as time goes by and the novelty wears off, your motivation will decline. This happens to literally all of us.

The good news is, it doesn't matter! There are plenty of things you can do to either jumpstart or mimic that same motivation.

1. Positive Thinking - Thoughts like “I don’t have time to workout today” or “I’m not making progress anyways” will zap your motivation and leave you feeling exhausted before you even make it to the gym. Instead, think about all the good things that will come from getting your workout in. You'll feel energized, your mood will improve, you will be closer to your physical goals, and you'll likely be more productive afterwards too. Focus on the good and you'll be skipping to the gym in no time.

2. Practice Compassion - This goes hand in hand with the first point. If you make a mistake, recognize it and move on. It’s likely not as bad as it seems anyways! No one can be 100% perfect anyways, myself included. Bonus tip: it takes 3500 extra calories to gain one pound of body fat. Chances are that extra slice of pizza didn't ruin your goals, so just get right back on track and find your balance.

3. Set and Track Smart Goals - Tracking your progress can be very motivating, especially if you’re actually seeing the results you want to see! That’s why I recommend setting goals beyond just “losing weight” or “building muscle”. Instead, work on specific shorter-term goals like “mastering one regular pushup” or “increasing my squat weight to 100 lbs”. That way you'll be able to track your progress is other ways where you'll likely see progress much quicker.

4. Set Reminders - Put notes on your fridge with your goals written on them or leave notes reminding you to workout on your desk at work. Write your scheduled workouts in your planner so that you stick to your routine and pack your workout clothes the night before to make sure you don’t forget. Little things like these make a big difference in establishing a habit.

5. Simplify Meal Prep - Research creative, delicious recipes that youre excited to make and pre-cut all your ingredients like fruits, veggies, and meats for easier, quicker cooking time. You can also cook every other night and use leftovers for the next day to be sure you always have healthy, prepped food on hand.

6. Don’t Over-Restrict Yourself - If you are excessively restricting your diet and exercising 7 days a week, you'll likely burn out (and fast). Instead, find a good balance with nutrition and exercise. Allow yourself to enjoy a meal out but make a mindful decision about what you’ll be eating. Make sure you always plan the first meal of your day. Maybe give yourself a rest day on Saturday and go for a walk on the beach instead of hitting the gym. Life is all just a game of balance.

7. Phone A Friend - Sometimes when you can’t find the motivation, someone else can! So “hire” a few friends to keep an eye on your fitness goals. Tell them your plan and encourage them to check in on you. Or better yet, find a friend with similar goasl who is ready to commit and do it together!

8. The One-Minute Rule - Whenever you feel unmotivated to do something that you know you should do, promise yourself that you will do just one minute. For example, start with just one minute of exercise and I guarantee once you start, you'll keep going. This trick can work for anything in life that you're not motivated for, but it's especially helpful for establishing the habit of working out.

These tips should help you spark some excitment for your fitness journey again, but remember: motivation comes and goes. You won’t always be motivated and excited to exercise, but the days that you aren’t motivated but you stay consistent and do it anyways are the days that you really win.

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