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6 Daily Habits that WILL Change Your Life

If there's are anything we all want, it's quick hacks that will improve our health and wellness. Unfortunately for us, it's usually not that simple. But it is today!

I'm going to run you through six things that, if you start implementing in your life, will absolutely change your health and fitness for the better!


1. Wake Up Early + Morning Routine

The first hour of your morning has the power to shape the rest of your day. Instead of sleeping in as long as you can and feeling rushed, get up with enough time to go through your routine in peace, enjoying the quiet of the morning hours. Start your day with something productive that aligns with your goals to get your mind in gear for the day. I recommend making your bed, having warm water with lemon before coffee, doing your skincare and hair routine, and having a workout or at least 5 min of walking/stretching before getting anything else done. I also do my journaling and intention setting in the morning to set a tone for the day ahead.

2. To Do Listing

Every day make a list of things you need to accomplish for that day. Keep a running list of things that need to get done in the next week, month, year, etc as well. Check things off the lists as you complete them and feel a sense of accomplishment roll in. If you need even more help staying accountable, set times for each item that you will complete them by.

3. Move For 30 Minutes a Day

Just remember the two 'W's: Weights and Walks. The two best ways to get in your 30 min or more is by doing some sort of resistance training workout and/or a walk every day. For example, I workout about 4-5 times a week and on my days off I choose to walk or jog for 30 minutes. This is just an example and what works for me, so feel free to adjust to your schedule as well!

4. Eat To Nourish and Feed Your Body

Stop eating to lose weight or skipping meals. Food is good for you. It is fuel. It's important! Start eating because you love your body and you want to nourish it and your nutrition habits will improve immediately.

5. Groceries Weekly and Plan Your Meals

Going along with the last one, make sure you're getting fresh healthy groceries every week and planning the meals you'll make with them. This will prevent you from needing to order food or go out. If you like eating out, just make the best choices based on your goals. Stick to unprocessed foods as often as possible.

Note: It's okay to indulge every now and then, this is just a tip for getting consistent with eating well. If you do indulge, just get right back to eating normally the next day, no guilt and no need to skip meals or eat lower calories the next day.

6. 1/2 to 1 Gal of Water a Day

Alright my last tip is to start drinking water. Lots of it! Your body is made of water. If you don't drink enough you'll actually be more bloated, retain water, break out, and have worse digestion. Get on the water train and buy a big ole bottle that will become your bff. Carry it everywhere and make sure it's always full.


I hope you use these habits to build a healthier lifestyle and start getting closer to your fitness goals! Start by adding just one to your day. Then over time add another and another until you're doing all six. By making small changes over time you're more likely to be successful!

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