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5 Ways to Avoid the Sunday Scaries

We all know the feeling: Sunday midday rolls around and you realize you aren't ready for the week to start tomorrow. You start feeling anxious realizing the laundry isn't done, you have no groceries, and you have no idea how you're going to fit everything into the week.

I'm here to remind you to relax, breathe, and follow these 5 tips to avoid the #SundayScaries!

1. Work on your MINDSET

Sunday is only scary because your mindset is telling you that it is. Replace old, negative ways of thinking with new, positive ones. For example, change "I don't want to work tomorrow" with "I get to work tomorrow. It will be nothing new, and I got this."

2. Treat yourself

Make Monday morning special. Let yourself grab your favorite coffee on Monday's or watch your favorite show on Sunday night one your prep for the week is done. Create a routine that makes you feel good on both Sunday night and Monday morning.

3. Exercise

Start your week off right by exercising on Sunday or Monday morning. Exercise released feel good endorphins and helps your body to relax, relieving stress and anxiety naturally. Get some movement in, maybe even outside for the added benefits of vitamin D!

4. Plan ahead

If the reason you're so stressed on Sunday is saving all the house chores for that night, try spreading chores out throughout the week or weekend. Maybe the laundry starts on Friday night before happy hour and groceries are ordered Saturday evening to be delivered on Sunday. Something as simple as spreading out the work can ease your mind and help you realize that you can and will get it all done.

5. Get a Good Night's Sleep

Be sure to get to bed on time Sunday night and set your week up for success. Feeling exhausted and rushing to make it on time on Monday morning is one major reason for stress at the start of the work week. Get to bed and wake up early enough to cruise through your Monday morning routine.


There you have it. 5 Ways to improve your mindset and beat the #SundayScaries!

Which one of these do you feel you need to work on this Sunday?

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