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Hey girl! Thanks for stopping by. Here's a little bit about me: I live in Miami, FL with my boyfriend, Luis, and our pitty-mix, Bella. If you follow me on social, you've already seen plenty of them! As you already probably know, I am a personal trainer. But what you may not know is how I started Sweat with Sierra Personal Training. So here's a bit of my backstory.


I first started working as a personal trainer while getting my bachelor's degree in Health Science from the University of Florida. I quickly fell in love with it and when I graduated in 2018 with my Bachelors in Health Science, I decided to keep working as a trainer and became manager-in-training at a big-box gym in South Florida. I quickly realized how difficult it is to make money in a corporate gym setting. Working 12 hour days, 6 days a week, I was burnt out and looking for a change. Shortly after with some encouragement from friends and family, I took a leap of faith and Sweat with Sierra was born. Driven by my passion for helping other women find their confidence through exercise and a balanced lifestyle, I developed this amazing community of like-minded, ambitious women. Now I work with women all over through the SWEATT app and I also train one-on-one and group fitness in Miami.


My objective for all my clients is clear: to help them become the best possible

version of themselves through exciting, effective workouts and simple, easy to implement nutrition strategies. You won't find any restrictive fad diets or spending hours in the weight room here! Most of my clients are mothers or full-time employees, or both. They need a trainer who is flexible and understanding. And I pride myself in my ability to adapt and work with each of my client’s unique lifestyles and goals. 

I'm certified through NASM for personal training as well as women's health and fitness including pregnancy and postpartum training. I am also a certified dynamic trainer and dynamic stretch specialist through Life Time.

Well that's about it for me! Thank you for reading and for all your support. Check out my instagram and TikTok for workouts, wellness tips, recipes, and more. I hope to talk to you soon whether it's in the gym or online!

Yours in health,


Sierra - Sweat with Sierra Personal Training! 

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Transformation of coach Sierra before and after starting her weight loss journey.
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