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Sierra Carter

         A Florida-native and lifelong fitness enthusiast, Sierra moved to Miami after graduating with her degree in Health Science from the University of Florida. Driven by her passion for helping other women find their confidence through exercise and a balanced lifestyle, Sierra began developing a community of like-minded, ambitious women. Now known as Sweat with Sierra Personal Training, she continues working with women all over through her virtual training app while also coaching one-on-one and group fitness in Miami.


         Sierra’s overarching dream is to build a community of strong, empowered women who support and encourage each other to reach their health and fitness goals. Her objective for all her clients is clear: to help them become the best possible version of themselves through quick, effective workouts and simple, easy to implement nutrition strategies. No restrictive diets or spending hours in the weight room. Sierra also takes a unique approach to personal training by including mindset strategies such as goal-setting and journaling to ensure her clients are successful in all aspects of life. Sierra recognizes that her clients are often mothers or full-time employees and need a trainer who is flexible and understanding. She prides herself in her ability to adapt and work with each of her client’s distinct lifestyles.

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